The Super Bowl Of Life

It’s that time of the year again!! That’s right, Super Bowl Sunday is quickly approaching! As a Philadelphia Eagles fan, this one is super special! It’s the first time in 13 years that we have gotten into the Super Bowl. As an avid Eagles fan, this is the most amazing feeling ever!! We have been the underdogs this whole time, yet here we are. And as I lay in my bed last night struggling to sleep, this made me think about how the Super Bowl is much like life. Seriously, you ask?? Yes!! Let me explain…

Every Super Bowl has two teams. If you have a favorite team, then they are “the good guys” while the other team is always “the bad guys”. That’s right, good versus evil. Just like in real life. Who will win?? That is all up to you. But there is plenty of time to decide that. Four quarters that is!

As I was thinking of this last night, I equated the four quarters of the game to the seasons of life. There is the first half of the game where things are full of hope and positivity. You still have so much time, so why worry about the ending just yet? Even if you are down, there is still plenty of time to turn things around. You’ve got this! Or do you?

Then halftime comes. You are down by 14 points and the other team has the momentum. How can you overcome this gap in such an important game? It’s time to do some reevaluating and see what your weaknesses have been. How can you improve? How can you overcome “the bad guys”? What do you need to change to make things better and start going in your favor?

The other side studies your moves. It knows your weaknesses and tries to use them to their advantage.

But we mustn’t let them. We need to strengthen ourselves. Overcome our weaknesses. Look to our coaches for advice. They know all the answers after all, don’t they?!

Then the second half starts. We are full of renewed hope. We are going to turn things around! Don’t believe us, just watch! This is when things start to get serious. Half of the game has gone already. We need to make this half count! We need to fight harder to prove that we are the better team because in the end, only ONE can be victorious.

This is a fight to the finish. It won’t be pretty, but just because you’re down doesn’t mean that you’re out. You just need to believe in yourself and start making things happen. Remember, some of the greatest things happen in the last few minutes of the game. NEVER give up hope!!! If you believe in yourself enough, you will be victorious!

So do you see it now? How life is exactly like a football game? No matter where you are in the four quarters of your life, never give up hope. If you are down and out, believe that a comeback is just around the corner. Know that only one side will be victorious. Which side are you on? That is the one that will win in the end.

But if you are down and out with only seconds to spare, there is still hope!! Just like the story of the three wooden crosses at Calvary, even at the last minute you are able to be redeemed. God never gives up on us. He is always waiting with open arms. So go ahead and make that winning touchdown!


The moral of this story is this: never give up fighting!! The game of life is not an easy one. There are many twist, turns and unexpected moves. You are up one day and down the next. But that is okay. If you believe in yourself enough, you will be victorious in the end. Don’t let “the bad guys” win. You were made to win!! Believe that. Reevaluate your game plan if you must, but you were made to be victorious. God Bless you, my friends. Much love.

PS…E-A-G-L-E-S!! EAGLES!!!!!

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