You ARE Good Enough!

The main purpose of this blog has always been to uplift others. I am typically a very positive person who likes to share the hope and love I have with all of you. But I don’t want to try and fool people into thinking my life is rainbows and sunshine all the time.  There are plenty of times I  feel down and out. One of the main places I write from are the experiences I’m having or have had in life.

One of the hardest things I’ve had to deal with is a sense of rejection. It’s basically been the running theme of my life. The worst of it happened during adolescence, which unfortunately had a huge impact on my feelings of self worth. Although I am in a far better place now than I ever have been, negative feelings from the past still rear their ugly head from time to time.

There is nothing worse than feeling rejected. Like you don’t belong anywhere. That no one understands you. It makes you feel very lonely and sad. It messes with your self esteem and makes you feel like you’re useless. You feel awkward and shy as a result. When you can’t connect with others it makes you feel like you don’t have a place or purpose in this world.

Simply put, you feel not good enough.

But what I have learned over time is that there couldn’t be anything further from the truth! God has shown me just how valuable and loved I am. He has taught me that I am precious in His sight. He loves me more than anything and has a plan for my life. And He loves you just as much!

He is taking those negative experiences I had and using them for good. Because of the pain I felt, I have become very sensitive to the needs of others. It’s probably the main reason why I want to reach other’s hearts so intensely. I don’t want anyone to feel the way I did. I want people to know there are good and loving people out there. People that will not leave them feeling left behind. Although I am still an imperfect human being, I try my absolute hardest to be as kind as possible. This world needs to see a lot more of that. You never know what someone might be going through. Be kind always.

My friends, know that God loves you so very much, and that there ARE others here on earth that do, too. Believing anything to the contrary is a lie. When those negative thoughts about yourself come into your mind, reject them! The word I always liked to use was “detox”. Negative thoughts are like poison, so detox yourself from them! They are not from God. We need to think healthy, loving thoughts.

In this day and age, when there seems to be more hatred and rage every single day, know that there are others out there fighting with all their might against it. You are beloved. You are amazing. And you ARE good enough!!

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